Saturday, October 09, 2010

All alone

My Beloved left at 4am today for a tennis holiday in La Manga. I was invited but oh dear me no. I didn't even like tennis when I was well enough to play it!

Anyway, like last year I was awake at 3am while he was pottering around getting ready to go. That's not a good time to be awake, I tell you.

So now, I'm all on my own. Except for my son, his fiancée, two cats and the whole of the internet.

I'll be fine as soon as I stop being grumpy from lack of sleep.


Old Kitty said...

Awwwwww!! 3 am?!?! Good grief!!

I hope you are catching up on sleep now! I'm glad that the kitties and your son and his fiancee are there with you!!

I hope your hubby enjoys his holiday too (but not too much! LOL!).

Take care

fairyhedgehog said...

Thanks, Kitty! I did get back to sleep for a while but I can't seem to sleep in these days. I'll just be grumpy instead!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure your hubby will both have a great time and also will miss you very much. Think how nice his home-coming will be (though not if he makes you jealous with a glorious tan hehe)

I'm glad your son and his fiancee at there to give you company when you need it. When I am alone, I just have my cats to talk to (do you talk to your cats too? *shush*)

I'm was feeling a little on the grumpy side when I awoke to the scream of my Blackberry telling me it was time to get up. But my eyes were glued together and I didn't want to...then the boys started hammering on my bedroom door (only one sleeps in with me, but he is good and doesn't wake me, he knows better than to do that!) So I reluctantly got up...I'm feeling better after 2 cups of tea though!

fairyhedgehog said...

suburbanwifey, he's expecting rain so I don't know how well his tan will go!

I talk to my cats, but a lot of it is "No!" and "Do you want dinner/out/a cat's treat?"

I'm glad your tea did the trick for you!

Sarah Laurenson said...

I talk to my cats all the time. Some people think it's creepy since I'm speaking complete sentences and they're acting like they understand.

Of course, they do understand some of the words and happily ignore the rest.

I need alone time and don't get enough of it. Have a little now and am off to write.

fairyhedgehog said...

Sarah, I do talk to my cats in complete sentences too, and I'm horribly lovey dovey with them at times!

I get a lot of alone times in the mornings, because my son and his fiancée are both ill and come down late. (We're a sickly family.) I tend not to feel lonely though because of the internet.

Have fun writing!

jjdebenedictis said...

It's nice you still have family about. When El Husbando goes away, I enjoy the alone time for a few days and then start to really, really miss him. A cat would help with that, I'm sure. :)

Geoff said...

You're lucky to have such quality feline companions.

Dogs are always so dumb to be alone with, I find.

fairyhedgehog said...

jj, my son and his fiancée live with us so I do have company a lot, which is great! Cats can be good company but mine are mostly a worry.

Geoff, Rufus agrees with you but I'm not sure I do! Ouch! Get your claws out Rufus!

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