Sunday, September 23, 2012

A discovery

I met Sarah Wynde in the comment trail over on Lexi Revellian's blog. She was explaining her views on fan fiction and sounded like someone I'd like to know, so I visited her blog. And found her self-published novels. And discovered that they are delightful.

A Gift of Ghosts is a paranormal love story written in a fresh, lively style. It's an easy read and light-hearted despite a plot that touches on drug overdose and suicide. I felt amused and entertained the whole way through. The plot builds to a crescendo and although the ending wasn't a surprise it was entirely satisfying.

I liked the gradual uncovering of the rules for the paranormal in this universe and the way that they seem to have an inner consistency, even if we don't know everything yet. The main character's struggles to make sense of her experiences of the paranormal within her scientific worldview were fun too.

There are three novels in the series. I'm about to start reading number two!

Full disclosure: I didn't pay for books one or two. I intend to buy book three!

Friday, September 21, 2012

It's slow but we'll get there

It's hard to believe that an agent would turn down a book because the main character was gay but at least the story has a happy ending: Viking (a Penguin imprint) has taken on the book and it will be published in two years time. Without 'straightening' the main characters, as the agent is supposed to have requested.

The story is here.

And on a similar note, next Sunday is Bisexual Visibility Day, at least it will be in London! People are meeting at the Mad Hatter pub, where I often meet with Nano friends. If you live near Southwark, you might want to pop along.

Whether we're straight, gay, bi, or anything else at all, we can support each other's right to be treated fairly and with respect. This picture from Richard's Facebook page says it for me:


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What to do when you're bored

A naughty insect bit me a couple of weeks ago and this weekend my leg reacted as if it had been burned, turning bright red and blistering. The picture here (not for the faint-hearted!) is of my leg after the antibiotics had started to work so it's not even at its worst. The line of black biro is where the doctor drew round the edges of the redness to see if it was still spreading.

I have to sit with my foot raised to reduce swelling and I can't go to work. I feel like I should be enjoying being able to crochet and read and surf the net with no guilt feelings and do you know what? All I want to do is to get out and move around. I'm just glad you can't die of boredom.

I'm missing cycling. I'm missing walking. Heaven help me, I'm even missing work!

Any suggestions on what I can do for the next day or two until I'm back on my feet again?

Monday, September 03, 2012

Mighty Hunters


Score for the last four weeks


  • one dead mouse
  • one live and apparently uninjured mouse
  • one nearly dead mouse
  • one dead mouse that he proceeded to eat in front of us
  • one dead and mangled frog, left in the middle of the otherwise spotless hall to welcome us on our return from holiday
  • one dead water rat
If we had a mouse problem these cats would solve it. As it is, I live in dread of what they'll bring home next.

But they look so cute!

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