Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Tips for NaNoWriMo

StoryADayInMay was asking for tips for Nano. These are mine.
  • Get as many ideas before you start as you can. You’re allowed to plan and plot and it’s easier if you do.
  • Write every day before you surf the net or whatever you do for fun. Write 2000 words. Don’t stop even when it’s rubbish.
  • Plan the next day’s writing while you’re out walking or cooking dinner.
  • Use a spreadsheet to keep track of your word count. (I have one I can email you if you like.)
  • Go to meetups. They’re fun!
  • Have fun!
Have you got any tips? 


Old Kitty said...

Blimey!! Spreadsheets and stuff!! LOL!!

Have fun is good advice too! Take
care and GOOD LUCK!! When does it actually start? Is it all of November? Wow!

Ann said...

What a commitment. It scares the bee jibbers off me!

Still, I am contemplating.

Simon Kewin said...

I don't have anything more to add but I would like to emphasise the importance of item 3 there. For one thing it's fun but it also takes a load of pressure off when you come to sit down and write. Nothing worse than thinking "right, 2000 words needed" and you don't have a clue where to start ...

fairyhedgehog said...

Kitty, I'm a geek! Not such an accomplished one as jjdebenedictis, but still. And yes, it's all of November!

Ann, I never commit to it! I always tell myself I'll give it a go and see how far I get. I've managed it four years out of five, and I managed 24k the year I didn't "win". That seemed pretty good to me!

Simon, I can't think and type so I have to do the thinking some other time. Once I realised that it became easier!

iasa said...

This is the first year I am plotting ahead of time. I think it will work well for me, but it is making me anxious to start writing.

would you send me a copy of the spreadsheet?

fairyhedgehog said...

iasa, I've emailed you a copy of the spreadsheet. I hope it helps!

Stacy said...

I'm trying planning this year. Last time I did this I just dived into the deep end without looking. Half my novel wound up being about a navelgazing hitman who didn't shoot anyone until 50 pages in. Not good.

fairyhedgehog said...

stacy, I think when I haven't planned some of the writing ends up more as planning and needs getting rid of later. It's all good experience but I prefer to have more of a plan if I can.

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