Sunday, July 22, 2012

That which cannot be named

Amigurumi kiss

The Ravellenic Games start on Friday. This knitting and crochet challenge is apparently inspired by some sporting event or other that's also starting then; the said sporting event sent a "cease and desist" order when Ravelry called their games the Ravelympics, so they renamed them. Maybe like Oxford Street Waterstones we should call them "Lord Voldesport - it which cannot be named".

I'm not taking part. I've tried taking part in a crochet challenge before and it took all the fun out of it. I'm taking wool and hooks on holiday with me and I'll probably turn out an object or two over the two weeks away, but I can't work to a schedule.

On the other hand, I have every intention of taking part in the madness that is Nanowrimo this November. Unlike crochet, I don't write much during the year and I always need something to set me off. Maybe it's because crochet is mostly mindless by comparison with writing, or maybe I just like the feel of wool between my fingers. Or perhaps I'm just lazy.

What about you? When you're writing, crafting, taking part in sport or whatever you do for fun, do you like a challenge or do you prefer to go at your own pace?

Sunday, July 01, 2012

My Beautiful Daughter(-in-Law)

I'm not biased. Really I'm not. Not one tiny bit. It was simply a wonderful wedding.

For a start, we had NO RAIN. I know I'm shouting but this summer a day without rain deserves a shout!

And my son is deeply in love with this beautiful young woman and it was a delight for us to have her become an official member of the family. (Mind you, to me she's been part of the family this last five years!)

And her mother had organised a lovely, beautiful and amazing wedding.

And now I have two sons and two daughters-in-law and I have to say that both my sons have impeccable tastes in women.

Like I said, I'm not biased. OK well maybe I am a bit. Well, yes I am a lot then! But it was still a lovely wedding.

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