Thursday, October 30, 2008

Six Random Things

I've been tagged by Kevin Musgrove with the six random things meme so here goes:

1. I met Terry Pratchett when he was still becoming famous. Tickets to hear him speak were £2.50 at the local library and I got him to sign two books for me.
2. I've lived in France for two years. I used to dream in French but not any more.
3. I mostly don't drink caffeine or alcohol but I'm not a Mormon. They just don't agree with me.
4. I regularly wander round with a book under one arm like a security blanket and then put it down and forget where I put it and my family hears the plaintive cries of "Where's my book?" They're very sweet and instead of saying: "Oh no, not again!" they say: "What does it look like?"
5. I don't like wearing socks and shoes. I definitely don't like wearing socks without shoes as Rufus attacks them. Ouch!

I can't believe that anyone is interested in any of this but never mind. I'm tagging Freddie, Robin, Whirlochre, Kiersten, writtenwyrd and but only if you want to be tagged.

Tag rules: Link to the person who tagged you. Post the rules on your blog. Write 6 random things about yourself. Tag 6 people at the end of your post and link to them. Let each person you have tagged know by leaving a comment on their blog. Let the tagger know when your entry is posted...

Monday, October 27, 2008

Rufus plays fetch

One of Rufus's favourite toys is a ball of screwed up paper. He likes us to throw it for him to chase and then he brings it back for us to throw again. I thought it was only dogs that did that.

The kittens were starting to go out through their two little cat flaps: into the garage from the kitchen and then out into the garden. We tend to keep them in at night but the vet said they are in no greater danger at night than in the daytime. It's worrying letting them out at any time of day but they love it.

This last week they've had to stay in as we've had them neutered. I'm not willing to live with a male cat marking his territory and fighting or a female cat in heat and calling. I feel so heartless doing that to my poor babies though.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Writing prompt

Dennis Cass has this picture as a writing prompt on his blog. You can see a larger version of it there too.

It reminds me of album covers when I was a kid and the 60s and hippies. I always feel I missed out: I was 6 in 1960, just a bit too small to be part of the scene. I remember England winning the football World Cup and the first men walking on the moon. I was in my early teens when we had "Flower Power" which for me meant sticking stylised flower pictures all over my school briefcase.

I shall stop this self-indulgent foray into the past now or we'll be here all night. I wonder what the picture makes you think of.
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