Friday, June 06, 2008

Sending my inner editor on holiday.

There's just been a writing exercise over at Evil Editor and I enjoyed submitting a distorted fairy tale. This is in contrast to my "novel", if that's what it is, which has stalled.

Writing short pieces is good fun and maybe that's what I need to prime the pump. I think a little bit of me is worried I'll take my novel in the wrong direction, whereas the pressure is off on a 250 word exercise. I think my inner editor must be due for a holiday.

It's fun sharing what I've written too. With a novel, sharing too much too soon seems to be counterproductive as folks want to tell me where to take it next. With a short piece it just doesn't matter.

If you're lucky (or possibly if you're unlucky) I may post my piece on here. I'm not sure if it will make sense to anyone who hasn't found Evil Editor though.


Stacy said...

Oh, I can so relate!

What seems to be working for me is turning the novel into a graphic novel. I know zilch about writing graphic novels (and quite possibly zilch about writing novels), but the novel just seems to want to go that direction.

We'll see. So far it's been a good alternative to abandoning it altogether.

Maybe you could try it just as an exercise to see if it helps. So far it's been good for the plot. I have to think about what happens. Even if you abandon the 'graphic novel' halfway through or wherever, it may help you figure out where the novel wants to go. But I don't know what you're having problems with.

Another thing that helped was writing a query letter about it. That helped crystalize the plot, and gave me some ideas I hadn't thought of. I went ahead and turned it in to EE, as he's low on queries, so I hope he doesn't kill me when I admit the book isn't . . . quite . . . done.

You never know where these ideas will come from, eh?

fairyhedgehog said...

That is such a clever idea. Go Freddie! I hope it helps you to get the book finished.

Sylvia said...

OK, I don't do novels but I definitely know that showing bits of a work-in-progress too early will stall all progress - even if I don't get unhelpful advice. Knowing that I'm writing my way towards being able to share something definitely helps.

fairyhedgehog said...

I think I need to bear that in mind, Sylvia. I'm just too impatient!

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