Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Private viewing

My husband has got free tickets for us to go to a private viewing at the National Gallery. It's Italian paintings of the same era as the Impressionists. I think! He wasn't entirely clear about it.

I'm guessing it's the exhibition called Radical Light, showcasing the work of "Italy's Divisionist Painters, 1891 - 1910".

I'd never heard of these paintings before and I'm looking forward to going and seeing them. I shall probably take the time to go and look at some of my favourite paintings if I can. I love the National Gallery.


Robin S. said...

Sounds wonderful.

Before I read your post here, I swear I thought these were lovely, grainy photographs. I love old photographs - even those from the 60s (I know, I shouldn't call those old).

fairyhedgehog said...

They do look rather like old photos. I'm afraid the 60s was a very long time ago now. I look at old family pictures from that far back and it seems like another world.

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