Thursday, June 19, 2008

The limits of creativity

In the last few weeks I've made an elaborate birthday card for my son, a window cling for the window by the front door (see above), started knitting a winter hat and bought the materials to make a silver dolly bag to go with a some shoes I bought to wear to two weddings. I've now ordered a crochet bolero pattern so I can make a top to go over my dress for the weddings.

I haven't written a word of my story. Of any story.

Do you think that creativity has to come out somehow and if it's coming out in one direction it doesn't come out in another? I seem to be all art and crafts at the moment and nothing about writing.


Stacy said...

For me creativity ebbs and flows. It comes in cycles. You could just be at a low point and will hit a higher point later. For now, I'd just say go with it.

Sylvia said...

I find there's a lot of nervous energy built out of guilt if I feel I should be writing. I get all kinds of things done. It would make sense for that energy to channel into creative outlets - I just don't have that many. I can just about crochet a doily :)

Where is Surrey? I do tend to be rushing straight in and out but I like knowing where cups of tea are available in a crisis. ;)

fairyhedgehog said...

If you email me (email address is at the bottom of the right-hand sidebar) I'll give you my address! I always like to be there with first aid tea if anyone needs it.

fairyhedgehog said...

Oh, and freddie, thanks for the encouragement.

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