Saturday, June 21, 2008

My kittens

I promised pictures and here they are. I can't take the kittens home yet, though. They need at least a couple more weeks with their Mum.

This is Bonnie.

This is Frankie Marmaduke asleep with Georgie. (Georgie isn't one of ours.)

This is Frankie Marmaduke awake.

I like the name Bonnie but my family wants to rename the cats. I'm not much good at naming and I'm struggling to come up with something. I've had Mittens suggested, and Garlic. My husband's suggestions weren't helpful. Maybe we should have a "Name the Cat" competition.


PJD said...

I've always thought cats should be named Pancho.

They are cuties.

Whirlochre said...

I think they're all called Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh.

Stacy said...

I like the name Bonnie, too. I've always wanted a brother/sister pair named /bonnie and Clyde. You know they're going to be partners in crime, right?

They are adorable!

fairyhedgehog said...

Pjd: Calling both of them Pancho - an interesting idea.

WO: They will definitely both be called Aaaaaahhh but I was looking for an additional name each.

freddie: My husband fancies Bonnie and Clyde but I'd quite like the ginger one to have a name in his own right.

You're spot on about them being partners in crime. Apparently at the moment - how shall I put this delicately - they like to use computer wires for their litter tray. Ew! Really, it's a good job they're cute.

Whirlochre said...

I've been back to this several times just to remind myself of the look on Bonnie's face.

"Do I look OK? With the mouse just here? Or shall I move it left a bit?"

fairyhedgehog said...

You clearly have cats all sussed out, whirlochre.

Maybe I should make your caption into a LOLcat.

Whirlochre said...

My dear old cat, Ploggie, was such a soppy trusting soul, he'd let me give him rides round the room on my back. All I had to do was get down on all fours and he'd jump on, ready to be borne aloft like some bizarre emperor.

And, yes — I am back once again to say aaaaaaaah.

fairyhedgehog said...

That's so cute! I can just imagine it.

Sylvia said...

Oh they are just precious! *MELT*

I don't blame WO for coming back - we need LOTS of kitten please.

fairyhedgehog said...

In two or three weeks there will be heaps of kittens. So many that you'll all get tired of them.

Unless I'm too busy clearing up after them to take pictures.

Jessi said...

Awww, they're so adorable!

Robin S. said...

Oh, they are so darling!

Don't know if this helops in the name decisions or not - but we now have a kitten -have had one for 5 or 6 weeks - my old guy Dale didn't love her, that's for sure - and as it's my daughter's cat (purportedly) she named it - and she named it Madison - a popular girl's name here now.

Here are the cat's names I've had, in order:

Beckett and Chaucer (I was in college- what can I say?)

Conrad and Annie ( I named them)

Chip and Dale (older daughter named them)

Madison (younger daughter named)

I say, stick with Bonnie. It's a keeper.

And again, those babies are gorgeous!

fairyhedgehog said...

There are some great names there, Robin.

Current thinking favours Rufus or Spice for the ginger and keep Bonnie for the other one. My family like Rufus best - it was my suggestion but I think I prefer Spice.

I rather like Chaucer for a cat. My sister has named several of her pets for artists and composers (but not writers).

fairyhedgehog said...

Thanks, Jessi :)

Robin S. said...

Yes, I guess it depends on their personalities a little, doesn't it?

Your little guy could easily be a Rufus or a Chaucer, depending upon his personality. Rufus is a very cool name.

Lisa said...


fairyhedgehog said...

Lisa, they really were!

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