Tuesday, March 18, 2008

New science fiction book

Tanya Huff has got a new sci-fi book out The Heart of Valor, available in the US here. It's the third in a series of military science fiction books and I thoroughly enjoyed both the other two: Valor's Choice and Valor's Trial. Sadly the paperback isn't going to be available till June, and doesn't seem to be available in the US at all. I'd rather wait till it comes out as I prefer reading paperbacks, they're easier to hold and you can take them anywhere.

More people may be aware of Huff through her Blood series. I'm currently re-reading Blood Trail . It's pleasant, escapist fiction about vampires and werewolves. She's also written a lot of fantasy books.

I first found Tanya Huff's work through GLBT Fantasy Fiction Resources. It's a good place to go to get hold of some new authors and to read reviews.


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