Sunday, March 30, 2008

Keyboard Blues

Today is my birthday and I've got a new computer chair and a keyboard. I tried out all the keyboards at our local computer fair and finally chose the flexible, washable one because I liked the feel of the keys better than with the conventional ones.

Now I'm using it and it's not quite as expected. I have to thump the keys to get them to register - the exact opposite of the effect I was hoping for. If you see a space missing it's because I don't always notice that the space bar hasn't registered. I had trouble with the space bar on my old keyboard and now I'm thinking maybe it was me not the keyboard. It was a present despite my choosing it so I can't easily change back, or not straight away anyway. It's making writing much harder but I wonder if I'll get used to it.

I wonder if writing using different media to write results in different content. What do you think?


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