Tuesday, March 25, 2008

High Tech Storytelling

The 21 Steps is an experiment in telling stories using Google maps. At each location in the story a Google flag appears with an information panel giving the next part of the story. The reader clicks on the panel to move the story on.

It's intriguing to watch the journey as the narrator travels around London and further afield. Sometimes the journey drags a little and it isn't the best story I've ever read. It's more like the plot for a point-and-click adventure game. The medium is innovative and Six to Start have got more stories planned, using different media.

I love all forms of storytelling including adventure games. The Longest Journey and The Dig are personal favourites and they are basically interactive stories.

I can't see electronic technology taking over from the basic paperback book. It fits in a handbag, it's silent and you can take it anywhere. Unless epaper really takes off and we have epaperbacks to sling into our pockets.


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