Sunday, May 06, 2012

A Cat Story

I'm still writing a story a day and today was a cat story, about a cat not unlike Rufus. He's called Hubert and I may use him again!

All these short stories feel like small ideas that I could work on later, maybe when a competition comes up. I only seem to write when there's some outside stimulus so I need to find a way to motivate myself that doesn't involve other people.

Or maybe not. For me writing is a hobby; if I only enjoy it in company then it doesn't really matter.


J P Hannan said...

Gorgeous picture of Rufus! I'm sure Hubert is equally handsome.

I was watching a TED lecture recently about the value of the introvert and how this is where creativity stems form. I found it very validating in a world that tries to force everyone into collaborative groups. I value groups. I value company but I also value the quiet times where I can withdraw and be creative. So I wonder if the solution is to find a happy medium where we can be inspired and stimulated and then withdraw into the cave to create?

Old Kitty said...

And Rufus is a true inspiration!! Yay for you!!!

Take care

Whirlochre said...

That's the best picture of a cat I've seen in a while.

Best of luck with the stories, and hope they flourish into something you'll later share.

fairyhedgehog said...

Jane, I think the thing is that I enjoy the stimulus of other people too much, and I'm not so good at hiding away and getting on with stuff!

Kitty, "an inspiration" is one way to describe Rufus but not the one we usually use!

Whirl, he thinks he's a good looking cat! And thanks for the good wishes.

Robin B. said...

Rufus! You little cutie.

I'd liek to say my cat Maddy is a cutie, but frankly, she's a bit of a bitch.

Anyway...on to the topic, eh? As Janey mentioned, I value groups as well, but I don't like always being with people. I'm an introvert who likes to come out sometimes and play, but only with people I ACTUALLY like.

Meanwhile, I write alone, but most often, in fits and starts, and then piece the narrative together from those nuggets that come up into consciousness when I least expect them.

So your writing a short story daily about different things that interest you at the time sounds fantastic to me! Maybe you're a short story writer at heart. GO with it, girl1

laughingwolf said...

do as you can when it comes to writing - i've done little since around may-june of last year; moving 3,000 + km in july was no inspiration

nor the food poisoning, dregs of which i'm dealing with - on top of new/old recurring back pain from crushed vertebra suffered in my 20s -

sorry, i have no cheese accompanying this fine whine...

seems when the young lady who set up my new page finished it, all previous comments were lost, including yours, sorry bout that :(

anyway, i'm back - new look, same old crap...

fairyhedgehog said...

Robin, I was sure I'd replied to you but Blogger seems to have lost my comment! But yes, Rufus is a cutie, or thinks he is, and I certainly feel happy with the short story form. I haven't written every day but I've written more than I would have done otherwise.

laughingwolf, I'm not surprised your writing has suffered with everthing that's been going on for you. I like your new website; I hope it draws a crowd!

klahanie said...

I think of writing as a hobby, also. A cathartic, therapeutic resource. I like your thinking on it.
Now then, I have shown this picture to Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star. Penny thinks it's another one of her adoring fans. Maybe not :)
Have a lovely weekend.
Or as Penny would say, 'pawsitive wishes, your way'...

D..J. Kirkby said...

Rufus is gorgeous! All your stories may eventually blend together into a novel!

fairyhedgehog said...

Gary, it can certainly be therapeutic at times! I'm not sure Rufus is the fan of any dog. (Don't let on, but he's rather scared of them!)

DJK, thank you! I can't see me writing a novel though. Only a "Nanonovel" which isn't quite the same!

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