Sunday, June 03, 2012

Better than the Queen

Yesterday, my son and daughter-in-law were driving to the shops when they passed a car coming the other way and saw the Queen inside, doing her Queenly thing. No really. We're in Epsom and she was on her way back from the races. Apparently people had been queueing for hours to see her but my son and his wife were just in the right place at the right time.

But I went one better. I met Chris Baty* and he shook my hand! He's been touring and meeting people from lots of different NaNoWriMo groups and yesterday he was at the London meetup. He came round speaking to all of us so that he could hear from us what Nano means to us. So all of us got the chance to speak to the great man.

He's delightful! He is so unassuming and he still seems amazed at the huge movement he started from such small beginnings. He can talk comfortably to a roomful of people and make each of you feel like you're the one person who matters. I really enjoyed meeting him. Much better than seeing the Queen.

*Founder of NaNoWriMo


Lexi said...

Yes, but he can't say "Who's Queen?" when anyone disagrees with him like Queenie in Blackadder, can he?

I'd say that all the time if I were Queen...

Anonymous said...

Lexi - He can, but it's likely to have a rather different effect on a roomful of people.

There's an idea for a writer - a first person novel written from the point of view of somebody suffering some kind of significant delusion... how would they 'fit' into the world that they'd probably perceive as crazy?

Lexi said...

Richard, aren't all first person novels (and journals for that matter) a bit like that? We all perceive the world from a unique perspective, and tend to believe we are right.

(Whereas actually, I'm right.)

Old Kitty said...

At least now I know who Chris Baty is! LOL!! Glad he was as gracious - even more so - than Queenie!! Have a jubilicious Sunday, fairyhedgehog! Take care

fairyhedgehog said...

Lexi, he didn't seem to have any inclination to say, "Who's Queen?" but I admit I've only met him briefly.

Richard, you always have such a sideways view of things. You really ought to write some of these stories yourself.

Kitty, I'm having a jublicious day painting my nails and my lips bright red, ready for tomorrow! I hope your day is jubilicious too. (What a great word!)

batgirl said...

I bet he's a lot funnier too.

fairyhedgehog said...

batgirl, he is, althought that's not setting the bar very high!

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