Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Gnome army alert

I know it's late but I couldn't resist showing you this Mother's Day card from one of my sons. (I did ask his permission first.)

front of card

inside right
inside left

You have been warned. Get your anti-gnome armour now, before it's too late.


McKoala said...

It's the brain ventilation that's the crucial thing. Can't get anywhere without brain ventilation.


Stacy said...

I concur. Although the invisible hamburger buns on the knees are needed for padding. You never know when you'll need to fight the gnomes at their level.

This made me laugh out loud. Best thing I've seen in three months.

There really is a short story in this somewhere.

Bevie said...

Aw, McKoala and Freddie took the best lines. This is a great card!

Not only does your son love you, but he's seeing to your welfare, too.

(Now I know what's wrong with my own armor. No brain ventilation. I've got extra large spatulas, though. We get BIG gnomes here in the states.)

Anonymous said...

Gnomes are allergic to LOL cats!!!! My fav! I hope my kids are this sweet in a few years....*sigh*...

Sophie in the Moonlight said...

I adore being the mum of boys. They have the sweetest, most creative ideas. Plus, who else in our lives would warn us of the dangers of advancing gnome armies and then go to all the trouble to outfit us for the onslaught? Nobody. Just our sons.

thanks for sharing this.

Sylvia said...

Oh, this is wonderful! How creative - I love it! You must be so proud!

JaneyV said...

That is so perfect. I love that you can blog on the move. You can imagine the scene...

Gnome Reconnaissance: FoxtrotHotelHotel - this is Golf Recon we have a visual on the gnome hostiles. What are your orders?
… say again … we have a visual on the hostiles. Do we engage?

FHH: Hang on

Gnome Reconnaissance: FoxtrotHotelHotel - Confirm order.

FHH: I said "Hang on" … aaaaand *PUBLISH POST* … Yeah Golf Recon you can blast the hell out of the little b*%@ers!

Gnome Reconnaissance: Roger that FoxtrotHotelHotel. The Bravos have been blasted.

fairyhedgehog said...

I'm so pleased you all liked it.

McK and freddie obviously understand the finer points of gnome warfare.

Bevie, you take care against those giant gnomes, OK?

Aerin, Sophie and sylvia, yes I am proud and I do adore both my sons. I'm not sure how they feel about being called sweet these days but they are.

fairyhedgehog said...

Wow, Janey, thanks. Now we can see what it looks like using the anti-gnome armour in the field. The awesome power of blogging.

Ms Scarlet said...

So where is the form to fill in so that I can order my anti-gnome suit?
Damn gnomes are breeding like rabbits round here... I knew they were up to something...

PJD said...

Can't wait to show this to my boys. I think they will both find it hilarious. And impressive in its forethought.

SillyBoy said...

That's great! Your son's a genius!

Tara Maya said...

Oh my goodness that is too cute!

Lisa said...

I've come looking for your super hero you mentioned on on A Voice in the Wind .
I love the little hamster (or gerbel) glad to see that he does get out and gets some water.

What a sweet card, and even sweeter that your child was excited and wanted to share it with you early.

Kevin Musgrove said...


And he's looking after your knees, too!

fairyhedgehog said...

Sorry, scarlet, we haven't got the shop interface working yet. You may need to construct your own based on the detailed diagram.

Pjd, you can't prepare too soon for the coming invasion!

Thank you, Silly Boy and Tara.

Lisa, I'm glad you like the hamster. Have you spotted that you can feed him? (Or her. I'm never sure with hamsters.) Oh, and Mother's Day over here was last Sunday.

Thanks, Kevin.

Lisa said...

I did play with the hamster some, trying to get one of my cats (Amelia) to come over. She was watching (with interest) but couldn't be bothered to investigate further.
I didn't notice that I could feed him. (I did see you could get him to run around on the wheel - I'll click on the food jar to see what happens -what fun)
Are you the one that gave the coloring site to Bevie -that was fun. I added it to my interesting links on my blog

Oh dear, I hope that S. Africa doesn't have the same mothers day as England - if so my husband missed mothers day!

Jessi said...

Lmao! That's just great. <3

fairyhedgehog said...

Lisa, Rufus likes to watch the screen too. He mostly likes to follow the mouse.

Jessi, thank you!

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