Friday, November 14, 2008

Real life gets in the way of writing

I got my hearing aid turned up today, which is good. On the other hand, it's half an hour's drive each way to get it done and that's enough to tire me out these days. So I only wrote 900 words today.

Tomorrow I'm going to see Bill Bailey with my husband, my boys and their other halves. So I won't get much done this weekend but it will be fun.

I managed four 2k+ word days this week so it's not all bad on the writing front.


Whirlochre said...

Don't you just hate real life?

I have to say, one of the very irritating things about people other than myself is that they seem able to write tons more words a day than I do. I should have been born a carbon sloth.

Have fun with Bill Bailey — and let us all know if it's true he's only 2' 5" and has to stand on a box.

JaneyV said...

FairyH - that thyroid thingy is a doozy so don't expect too much of yourself. Personally I think any words at all are a reason for celebration. I'm finding the quantity not quality thing difficult.

Enjoy Bill Bailey. He's hysterical. I wonder how many instruments he'll have. Love him!

Sylvia said...

I say, keep the hearing aid turned down low until you finish your novel - less distractions :)

fairyhedgehog said...

Thank you for the encouragement.

Bill Bailey was very funny and the time went far too fast. We all really enjoyed it.

I'm wiped out today - the worst of it is that I get tearful and depressed when I'm tired but I expect I'll be fine again tomorrow.

And I'm writing again. The trick is to be willing to write rubbish. It gives me something to edit later.

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