Sunday, July 06, 2008

New Widget

I'm just trying out a new widget on this blog that will affect most of the links. Snap Shots offers a preview of each link's destination site, or else of a relevant Wikipedia article or the RSS feed or other stuff that I hope will be relevant. I don't get to choose what is displayed: Snap Shots does.

I've set it up so that there's a little icon by the side of a link for you to put your mouse over if you want to see whatever is on offer, rather than have the whole link bring up a preview. You can use the Options icon (top right-hand corner of the preview) to change the views you are getting: you can have larger or smaller previews and choose to view the RSS feed of a site or a preview of it. I rather like the way that it gives the reader so much control over what he or she is viewing. You can also use the Options icon to turn the feature off completely.

I found it is very easy to turn it off but not so easy to get it back. If you turn it off by mistake and want to restore it, you need to delete the cookies from your browser cache then restart your browser.

I'd be interested in any feedback. If this is annoying then I'll just get rid of it.


Sylvia said...

Did you change your header or is it just that I only noticed it!

I find snapshot obtrusive when it's over the link (instead of having an icon) and when it does a thumbnail image of the website (which is too small to see anything useful).

I quite like the way you have integrated it and set it to give text information instead.

fairyhedgehog said...

I'm glad I set snapshot to be less obtrusive - and it is really easy for visitors to change the settings or turn it off.

Yes, I did change my header recently. I seem to have been featuring cats rather a lot so I changed it to reflect that. Well-spotted!

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