Sunday, April 13, 2008

More About Endings

I was Stumbling around and came across a page on Endings - which is about endings in science fiction series. The author made a point about the emotion generated at the end of a series which I think also applies to any story: whether book, film or tv series.
Happy or sad is good. Disappointed, angry or indifferent is bad.

I must admit that I prefer happy to sad but the other feelings are in a different category. Anything that comes under the heading 'unsatisfied' can spoil the whole story for me.

Satisfying story endings that I have come across recently include Son of Rambow, which I saw last night. It was a very enjoyable film and the ending felt satisfying. If it hadn't, for me it would have spoilt the entire film.


Sylvia said...

I don't mind angry usually - as long as I'm angry at how unfair it is as opposed to angry at the author. I am Legend is a good example of this, angry that he sabotaged himself and that there is no other way forward and that this is now the end. That's a good book, that makes me feel angry.

fairyhedgehog said...

I haven't read I Am Legend - it looks like strong stuff.

If it's OK to be angry at what happens but not at the author then I wonder what would make you angry at the author?

I'm finding it hard to work out what makes an ending really not work.

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