Wednesday, April 02, 2008

See how it's written

I keep coming across new ways of writing or presenting writing. My latest find is Fuzzmail. You type an email in a special window and all your keystrokes and pauses are recorded. Then when you send the mail to someone, they get a link to the window and can see the email as you typed it.

The creators say:
We created fuzzmail because we wanted a more emotionally expressive alternative to email, so that an emailed love letter does not have to look the same as a business letter.

I'm not sure if they've succeeded. Do I want to let someone see my thinking as I wrote to them? Sometimes when I edit it's to be clearer but in an email it may be that I want to be more tactful. That's not going to happen if someone can see my first thoughts.

It could make for some wonderful fiction though. You could show a character's real thinking and what he or she presents to the world and how different they are. I had a go at it here. If you do one, maybe you could post the link in the comments and we can all see it.


Sylvia said...

Oh I love what you did with this! Such a great way to tell the story. Poor Hedgie. *hug* I bet that fairy isn't worth it anyway!

Very very clever.

fairyhedgehog said...

Thanks, Sylvia :)

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