Tuesday, October 06, 2020

No ghoulies and ghosties

Autumn is never my favourite time of year but it usually has its high spots. 

I have a friend's birthday coming up, then it's Halloween, then it will be November and National Novel Writing Month.

I can't see my friend in person, and Halloween isn't going to happen because I don't want all the neighbourhood children breathing in my face, so that leaves NaNoWriMo.

I have two tiny ideas. Each of them would make a short story. 

I have very little motivation but I know that I haven't enjoyed the non Nano years more than the ones where I've challenged myself and managed to get out some sort of a story in the month, so I think I'd like to go for it.

I have twenty-five days to plan enough of a story to carry me through writing 50,000 words. Is it possible? Can I do it?

I really don't know. What will you be doing?


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