Thursday, January 03, 2013

Pictures I Found On My Phone

I was going to call this post something posh like "2012 Retrospective" but then I decided to go with honesty: these are the pictures I found on my phone. They remind me of some of the good times I had last year.

Probaby Denbies Vineyard, probably summer 2012

Bonnie enjoying the summer sun

Walking near the New Inn at Send

Rufus in his hammock

Where I work, sans children (because of issues with photographing other people's children and putting their pictures online)

Geek get-together during NaNoWriMo (note the amazing camera work and I wasn't even drunk)

Christmas Reindeer at Covent Garden

Skating at Somerset House

Flooding upriver of Hampton Court Palace

After-Christmas Cats with their new cat tree
Somewhere I also have pictures of the family over Christmas and New Year but you've been spared those. The photos of Box Hill today are still on my phone. Be grateful for small mercies!

Next week it's back to work but until then I'm enjoying the holidays. I hope you are too.


Lexi said...

A jolly interesting selection. The urban reindeer, the cat tree and hammock, the skating, the absent children...I wish I took photos that quirky and good.

fairyhedgehog said...

Thanks, Lexi! This felt like a really self-indulgent post but I guess I've been lucky to have quite an interesting life recently! (Interesting in the good sense, not the Chinese sense!)

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