Thursday, June 07, 2012

A perfect little game

A Grain of Truth game

I know that some of you like point and click games as much as I do, and A Grain of Truth is a perfect little gem of a game by the same people who made the earlier Trader of Stories game

The controls are straightforward, and if you click on the eye at the top it shows all the hot spots on each screen so you don't have to pixel-hunt.

Travel is easy by use of the map where you can immediately access any location that you've visited.

The pleasant music is set by default to "off" so you don't deafen everyone around you when you first go to the game; if only all websites were that considerate!

The puzzles are tricky but not impossible and I was never left wondering what to do for very long. Except at the very end!

It's definitely worth a look.

(Edited to add: it won't work in Internet Explorer so it's time to upgrade to Firefox or Chrome!)


Old Kitty said...

Oh noes!! Means I can't play this game during my lunch break cos we're on IE here at work!! Looks good though! Take care

Simon Kewin said...

Ooh, sounds fun. Must have a go!

fairyhedgehog said...

Kitty, I hope you manage to try it out at home.

Simon, I hope you like it.

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