Sunday, January 23, 2011


My Beloved and I were talking about inheritance tracks and Desert Island Discs and I was remembering songs I'd loved as a child or teenager but that seemed to have vanished now. This was one of them.

A clearer version of the video (but not available for embedding) is here.

Other songs I remembered included a couple by Manfred Mann: My name is Jack, and There is a Man.

Do you have any songs you remember that seem to have disappeared? Maybe they haven't. It's amazing what you can find online now.


Old Kitty said...

The only Manfred Mann song that I really know is Pretty Flamingo!! LOL!!!! So thank you for these clips of them - although There is a Man is pretty much weird but mesmerising!!

Aww the kite one -I've not heard of -but I love the video!! It's so sad!!! wow!!!! I love Youtube!!!! I ignore all the silly comments though and those who dislike classic songs and cat ones - LOL!! So humbuggy!! My era is firmly lodged in the 80's and luckily they're still around!!! LOL!!! Take care

klahanie said...

Oh, I so remember that song by Manfred Mann. I recall it had some very weird lyrics and something about 'Greta Garbo'. I think that song came out about the same time as 'Mighty Quinn'.
And now, I've got the song, 'Yummy, Yummy, Yummy', by the '1910 Fruitgum Company', swirling around in my head. Help! :-)
I vaguely remember the song in the video. I know it was not a very well know song in Canada. Quite pleasant song, though.
All the best,
Gary :-)

David said...

I used to have two, but indeed used the internet to track down "Come Sail Away" and "Under My Umbrella".

fairyhedgehog said...

Kitty, There is a Man is one of the weirdest songs I know but it stuck in my mind all those years! I didn't find the Kite song sad so much as wistful and rather beautiful. You wouldn't remember it because you're so much younger than I am! (The sixties and early seventies are my era!)

Gary, My Name is Jack has the line "and I live in the back, of the Greta Garbo Home for wayward boys and girls". Rather a lot of weirdness there! I'm sorry I gave you an earworm.

David, it's wonderful to find things online that you thought were lost. I don't know about you but I didn't remember the title of the songs I was looking for but a line or two of the lyrics was enough to find them. Your two songs are very different; I hadn't heard either of them and I rather like "Come Sail Away".

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