Thursday, January 21, 2010

The victory of the Scottish Marsupial

McKoala has won Reader's Choice in the Clarity of Night contest: first out of 237. Congratulations McK! A lot of writers are hoping this has put you in a mellow mood.

Chris Eldin got an honourable mention.

Visitors to this blog who scored 40 or more out of 45, showing they were proficient in pacing, entertainment value, technical use of language, storytelling, and voice were:

Chris Eldin
Peter Dudley
Aerin Rose

Well done all of you!

The standard was very high and those who didn't make it to the magic forties club should still be congratulating themselves on their entries.


Bevie said...

I recognize most of those names. That's an impressive list. And yes, well done, McKoala!

writtenwyrdd said...

That's so cool! Congrats to the bloodthirsty marsupial!

Chris Eldin said...

The koala has always been a strong creature with many talents.

Whirlochre said...

I'd cheer — but she'd only find me.

And — so nice to be a member of a forties club not exclusively devoted to discount online Stay Young Feel Young face creams...

Old Kitty said...


Was this a flash fiction contest I missed? darn! :-)

Anyway, I've just read the winning entry and I'm like, wow.


Will read the rest now. did you enter too?

Thanks for the link.

Take care

Kate said...

LOL Whirlochre!

Having read the entries, I'm positively thrilled to have joined the Forties Club.

Congrats to McK!!!

fairyhedgehog said...

Bevie, Yup, we have some very talented friends.

ww,Chris and Robin, it was a good result!

Whirl, you do need to watch out for her vicious claws.

Kitty, these competitions run from time to time but I've never entered. The standard is too high for me.

Kate, you did really well to get into the Forties Club. I was so excited when I saw my friends there.

McKoala said...

Thanks, FH!

McKoala said...

Oh, and mellow...hmmm...probably not...

fairyhedgehog said...

McK, It was my pleasure to see you accoladed.

I thought that mellow might be too much to hope for!

Bernita said...

McKoala's piece was - simply - wonderful.

fairyhedgehog said...

Bernita, it was. (And so was yours.)

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