Friday, June 19, 2009

Things to do in Bath

  1. Arrive at Bath Spa Hotel. Find that someone has shaved their beard off in the en suite bath. At least, I hope it was someone's beard. Get housekeeping to sort it out.
  2. Next day, find the bath is blocked and get told that you should not have been put in that room as it is out of service. Get allocated a junior suite with four poster bed.
  3. Go to the hotel spa which has a sauna, steam room with twinkling lights and music, indoor heated pool and outdoor pool heated to bath temperature. Relax.
  4. Go to see a raunchy black comedy called Hoors. Laugh a lot.
  5. Eat in lots of different restaurants. Find a house red wine that's better than some expensive wines. Don't cook. Yay!
  6. Have a back massage.
  7. Wander round the shops.
  8. Buy a clarinet.

I didn't want to come home.


moonrat said...

dude. this is my level of geek.

the only thing *i* did in bath when i was there earlier this year (i was staying with an author and her family, for real) was go to the jane austen house, where i bought a book about jane's publication history and her original trials with writing/getting published. then i flew home and blogged about the book.


Anonymous said...

1 - disturbing
2 - better
3 - aaaahhhhhh
5 - yum yum yum
6 - see #3
7 - ooo, pretty

8 - um, really?

So glad you had a lovely break!

Kevin Musgrove said...

Just don't spoil the magic by going anywhere near the student digs!

Stacy said...

You really bought a clarinet? Going to play it?

Sounds like you had a good time, overall.

fairyhedgehog said...

moonrat: You are so much more literary than I am. We didn't look at a single book or building related to Jane Austen.

Aerin: 1 was definitely disturbing! And yes, I did buy a clarinet. All I can play is the recorder, and I can strum the guitar a bit. I have a steep learning curve ahead of me.

Kevin: I'll bear that in mind if we go back there!

freddie: I've always regretted stopping at the recorder and I love woodwind. I hadn't realised what a challenge it is even to get a decent note out of a clarinet but I'm willing to put in the practice. Feel free to offer any tips!

JaneyV said...

Ok this is my kind of break. The last time I had a break like this was the weekend that Hubby and I went to the Lake District to get married (we eloped). I really feel I'm due another.

Favourite line: At least, I hope it was someone's beard.

Sylvia said...

A clarinet?!

Bevie said...

What's a vacation unless something isn't perfect? Not sure I'd be happy about the beard, hairs. As Aerin said: disturbing. Might have something to do with the reason the room was "out of service".

Love the photo you posted. What kind of a vest thing is he wearing? Looks comfortable.

Whirlochre said...

Next time you stay anywhere, take the clarinet. If anyone has shaved their beard off, you can blow them all away while making like Acker Bilk.

fairyhedgehog said...

Jane: definitely have another break. It's great! How about Venice? It's a really romantic city but it has rather too many steps for me at the moment.

sylvia: yes. It was rather unexpected. Now I need a teacher - I thought I'd found one but he hasn't responded to my latest email. I think I scared him off.

Bevie: We were both wearing our comfortable clothes but I don't know what kind of a vest he had on.

Whirl: excellent plan. I can already play part of Mary had a little lamb and I only squeak once on most of the notes. So, Acker Bilk here I come!

Sarah Laurenson said...

I played the clarinet in school (and the string bass, the trombone and the piccolo). We all started with the recorder so the clarinet was very popular. I used to walk around with the reed soaking in my mouth for quite awhile before putting it on and playing. Not sure you have to do that with reeds these days. Years later, I pulled it out to play again and it needed all the pads replaced. With a bad pad, it might squeak more than it should.

Having proper armature was stressed up one side and down the other. The way you hold your lips, your instrument, breathing from the diaphragm. Your bottom jaw slides back to your neck, your top lip sticks out, tongue on the reed, instrument straight down your body.

Have fun!

And your description of your trip was fantastic!

Barrie said...

Buy a clarinet? I did not see that coming!

fairyhedgehog said...

Sarah: Thank you. I'm beginning to realise how much the way you hold your mouth matters. Luckily I've found a local teacher so I can get help before I get into too many bad habits. My first lesson is on Thursday.

Barrie: Nor did I!

Monado said...

Good luck with the clarinet! It's a lovely sound.

fairyhedgehog said...

Thanks, Monado! And thank you for dropping by.

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