Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I'm trying out Twitter again, so if you want to come and find me I'm signed in there as fairyhedgehog.

I haven't worked out what it's good for yet so at the moment I'm just playing with it. If you want to tell me what's so good about it, or the reverse, then please do!

Oh, and don't forget the competition, closing date is tomorrow. The chocolate awaits!


Stacy said...

I love twitter. I actually follow several news sites on twitter, and it's really convenient. The downside is what happened with Amazon - people getting up in arms over something before they really know a situation. Same thing with #queryfail.

Jessi said...

Some days I love Twitter and other days, I find it a waste of time. I was one of the early adopters and then dropped it for many months. I just came back to try it out again within the last few months and have met a lot of great people, found plenty of resources, and had my fair share of laughs from various links, stories, etc.

It's probably going to take you a bit of time to fall into a routine with it or to find the right people to follow that will keep your interest. Some people use it just for spamming links, others only talk about what they've eaten that day, etc, so it can feel like a mess sometimes.

fairyhedgehog said...

freddie: and the jury is still out on amazon as far as I know.

Jessi: I like meeting friends on Twitter but otherwise I'm still feeling my feet. I'll see how it goes and if I don't get on with it I'll drop it.

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