Saturday, May 03, 2008

Word Count Down

I tried Sylvia's idea of setting a lower word count and it worked. For one day. I managed over 300 the first day, 100 odd the second day. On the third day I just edited. Net added words: nil.

Never mind, it's three days I've worked on a story. Today I haven't even opened it yet although I've got ideas about what I want to put in it next. It's this dratted inner editor. I'm going to have to be ready to write the worst first draft in the world and edit it later or none of it is going to make it to the page.


Sylvia said...

Hrumph - it worked the second day too!

I know lots of people say they start the day by reading what they wrote the day before. I don't do that if I need to be generating new content - I always hate what I wrote yesterday. I like what I wrote last month though, so that's ok.

fairyhedgehog said...

You're right: it did work the second day too. Maybe I need to avoid editing but I feel that the story is going to fall apart if I just add random words every day. (I'm not suggesting that's what you do, I'm suggesting it's probably what I'd be doing.)

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