Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Am I even a writer?

I usually call myself an “amateur writer” because otherwise I think people will assume that I plan to make money by writing. Nope. It’s a hobby.

Strange, because I don’t call myself an “amateur crocheter” even though I don’t plan to make money from it. I’m pretty good at crocheting - clearly not an amateur!

I’m not an amateur pedestrian, driver, or cyclist either; I’m just any one of those three at any time.

I wonder when “writer” got to mean “someone who makes a living at writing”. Or maybe it didn’t and it’s just me.


Lexi said...

Who was it said you're a writer if you write, and a professional writer if you get paid for it?

fairyhedgehog said...

Whoever it was, I need to listen to them!

The History Anorak said...

If you are pounding a keyboard you're writing. If you get paid it's a bonus!

fairyhedgehog said...

Getting paid would be a nice bonus!

I'm not doing too bad on the pounding front but I'm pretty sure no one else will be as interested as I am in what my aliens eat. The doctor put me on a low GI diet and all I seem to think about is food! It's rather leaking through into my Nano story.

The History Anorak said...

Are you posting any of your text anywhere? I'd love to know what your aliens eat!

fairyhedgehog said...

I've only uploaded the opening paragraphs to the Nano site and everything else is still just in Dropbox and on a USB stick.

I haven't actually described the food in immense detail, just mentioned it often! One set of aliens is vegetarian so they eat the equivalent of fruit, vegetables, nuts and grains; the others eat fruit and veg but lots of meat.

Given that no one on Earth eats meat from animals in my novel (it's all vat grown) the term "meat-muncher" is a very strong swear word. I'm guessing that the f word will completely lose all force in the future so they need something stronger!

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