Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Llama llama red pajama

Today I did story time at the local library for the first time. It's half an hour of reading aloud to 3+ year olds and I loved it.

I was expecting to just listen this week and see how it's done but the librarian said to pick some books and we'd take it in turns, then it got to starting time and she wasn't there so I just went for it. When she saw I was enjoying myself she left me to it!

Next week I need to get there a bit earlier so I can check out the books. It's much easier to show a picture book while reading the text if you've already read it, but I was busking it because it's a very long time since I've read to children that age!


Simon Kewin said...

Well done! A tough audience I imagine...

fairyhedgehog said...

They were delightful!

We did have one baby that cried all the way through and a couple of the younger kids got distracted and chatted. But there was a wide-eyed little girl drinking it all in and as long as one kid was listening, it was worth it!

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