Sunday, January 08, 2012

Arty Farty

My Beloved and I visited Tate Britain today. Paintings look so different in reality. The John Singer Sargent painting that heads this post was lovely: the light on the face of the girl on the left was wonderful.

To my surprise, I find I love looking at portraits so I'm hoping we can visit the National Portrait Gallery next.

We're so lucky to be only a train journey away from all the London galleries. Do you have any galleries near you? Do you even like visiting art galleries?


Old Kitty said...

Yes! Yes!! Er... YES!! :-)

I've not been to the TATE though (yikes!) but been many many many times to the NPG!

Take care

Anonymous said...

We're very fortunate in having a choice of three major galleries within easy reach.

The City Museum in Bristol has a wonderful gallery, and Bath has both the Victoria Gallery and the Holburn Museum

Next time you're over this way, they're all well worth a visit...

MorningAJ said...

I would love to have some major galleries a bit closer - though Birmingham isn't TOO far away.

I went to Tate Britain last November ad had a wonderful time. I blogged it here.

Debbie Coope said...

The National Portrait Gallery is wonderful. I love art, especially portraits, and have my own little portrait gallery on my kitchen wall with all my own art work on. Hmm, that's why I've started getting paranoid around meal times.

klahanie said...

I too am amazed at how much I enjoy going and staring at paintings.
The National Portrait Gallery is a wondrous place and well worth a visit.

fairyhedgehog said...

Kitty, I didn't think it was as well laid out as the National Gallery but it was well worth a visit. We really must go to the NPG.

Richard, I looked at those links and those galleries look great. Another reason to come back to Bristol and Bath!

MAJ, I loved that picture of Ophelia, but I still managed to miss the robin. I need to go back! (And how was I not following your blog? Well, I am now!)

Debbie, neat idea to have your own portrait gallery! Clearly I need to visit the NPG.

Gary, another endorsement of the NPG! I really must go there!

SillyBoy said...

I rather like visiting the Tate Modern. There are things of interest, and things to be sneered disdainfully at. I still have the little newspaper cutout man that I liberated from one of the installations a few years ago.

I did once briefly visit the National Gallery, but I got kicked out for being insufficiently shod, which has left me feeling quite uninterested in returning.

fairyhedgehog said...

SillyBoy, I like Tate Modern too. Some of the weird stuff there I really like and the sneering is fun too!

I'm disgusted with the National Gallery for chucking you out because of lack of footwear. How massively stupid. You had even fewer places to hide terrorist weapons of mass destruction than their other visitors, and I thought that was all anyone cared about these days. I'm not surprised you're not keen to go back.

Stacy said...

I do live in a city with lots of museums. Hoping to get a weekday to see the Art Institute. They have some sort of Winter Weekday thing where admission is free. I'm not spitting at the work I'm getting, mind you. : )

fairyhedgehog said...

stacy, most of the art galleries are free and some of the museums: they ask for a donation and suggest an amount, but impoverished students could visit often and not pay if they can't afford it!

Hope you get to see your Art Institute.

Mother (Re)produces. said...

The Kunstmuseum Bern is just ten minutes away by bus. It's not huge, by London standards, but I do like it and they have some interesting visiting exibits in addition to the regular collection. I was at the V&A once; there was an enormous Chihuly glass sculpture hanging from the ceiling. It was beautiful.

fairyhedgehog said...

MRp, I'm not sure size is terribly important! I haven't been to the V&A because that one is a paying museum and it's expensive!

PixieMum said...

It is free to go into the V & A but one pays for special exhibitions. Friend and I paid £5.00 to see the Beaton exhibition of photos of the Royal Family, it was worth it.

At the V & A there are signs asking for contributions but no pressure. I am sure they make a lot of money from the shop, the prices in there are eye watering.

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