Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Books for under a quid

I've got two more books I want to recommend by Lexi Revellian. Torbrek and the Dragon Variation and Trav Zander are available for the Kindle at only 99p each, or 99 cents if you're in the US which is even more of a bargain!

As I've come to expect with Lexi, they're very easy reading and draw you in with a gentle humour. I cared a lot about her characters and loved the villains especially in the first book. The feel of the stories is generally upbeat and there's a fair bit of romance. There's also a kick-ass female lead in the first book although we see less of her in the sequel.

I ended up taking my phone to bed so I could carry on reading them and I was disappointed to reach the end.

One tiny caveat, the scenes aren't always marked off with white space, which can be disconcerting. It was a minor flaw in two otherwise wonderful books.

If you like your fiction to take you into another world I can't recommend these highly enough.


Old Kitty said...

Yay for lovely Lexi!!!!

Take care

Debbie Coope said...

I finished reading Replica yesterday. Another great idea that totally drew me in to her world.

Simon Kewin said...

Thanks for the tip - definitely going to seek them out ...

fairyhedgehog said...

Kitty, I agree!

Debbie, I loved both Remix and Replica! I can't wait to see what Lexi comes up with next.

Simon, hope you like them!

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