Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Funny but telling

More funny gay marriage placards are here.

It's easier to make the point when you use humour. Some of the slogans aren't exactly Safe For Work.


Sarah Laurenson said...

That is hilarious. Thanks! I'll have to check out the others, too.

Things have been crazy busy here. Just got done with our big writing conference, started writing regularly again, my wife got a job, have my favorite retreat coming up far too soon and I'm not ready (never ready).

Since my wife is now working, we might stay in L.A. longer and not have to decide on moving somewhere that we're still married.

Old Kitty said...

Love it!!!! Thanks for the link - so funny!!! Well they've cheered me up no end! It's great to be gay!! Take care

fairyhedgehog said...

Sarah, that's great about your wife getting a job. I hope it's one that she likes. You sound incredibly busy but at least if you can stay in LA you don't have to worry about being somewhere
where they don't recognise your marriage.

Kitty, glad you like it!

Precie said...

Those are awesome!

Clair Humphries said...

I think remembering to buy milk is a top tip for any marriage ;)

Very funny x

fairyhedgehog said...

Precie, I loved them too!

Clair, that's so true ;)

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