Tuesday, June 28, 2011

More things to do in France

  • Go to a Fest-Noz - a Breton outdoor dance festival. It's free, the locals are friendly and you get the chance to join in. It's a bit like line dancing but in a circle.
  • Go to another one the next night - this one with bonfire. 
  • Walk to the local market and haggle. (I didn't mean to haggle, I just started to walk away, and the guy offered me two euros off. Who'd have guessed?)
  • Eat too much.
  • Visit the standing stones.
  • Swim in the pool. 
  • Paddle in the sea.
  • Remove sand from crevices.
  • Make a bookmark, a phone cosy, two spectacle cosies, a hat and a shawl. I made most of the hat while waiting in the car to get on the ferry home. It was a L O N G wait.

I didn't want to come home.


Old Kitty said...

Fairyhedgehog!! I think you should patent these cosies!! Well of course I didn't know what they were until I looked and I thought - oh!! Cosies as in a tea cosy, cosies!! I seeee!!! LOL!!! You are so amazing, truly!!

Awww it sounds as if you and hubby had a brilliant time - 2 euros off whatever it was you got is a bargain!! Wonderful!! Take care

fairyhedgehog said...

Thanks, Kitty! You always say such nice things!

Clair Humphries said...

I like that kind of haggling! The beach looks lovely, no wonder you didn't want to leave.

fairyhedgehog said...

Clair, the beaches were great but I loved the shops too!

Unknown said...

You are such a busy lady, even on holiday! But it sounds like they were all such fun things to do! Except for the waiting for the ferry.. but on the other hand you had crochet! :D

And a BONFIRE.. how nany times in your life do you stumble upon a bonfire?? (Me.. Never!!) So romantic!

I think there's only one conclusion to be made Fairy.. You have to move to France!

fairyhedgehog said...

Lily, it was the most wonderful holiday! I do adore France but I couldn't bear to leave my home and my garden. And we live in a pretty area and have lovely neighbours. We're very lucky.

Unknown said...

Hi Fairy!

I've nominated you for the Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award!

Come and claim it on my blog! ^_^

fairyhedgehog said...

Thank you, Lily!

I'm not sure I deserve any award for this blog at the moment. I'm not keeping up with it at all. I spend too much time on Ravelry!

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