Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Art and craft

I seem to be busy with lots of things that aren't writing or blogging at the moment. One of the things I'm doing is making window clings for the hall. I did have a perfectly good window cling but Rufus was fascinated by a bubble in the centre that is now a hole.

I'm getting some more paints for my birthday, so I'm thinking of doing one based on a design of my own. (The one above is based on this template.)

Some time ago, I doodled a witch's cottage:

I thought I might base a design on the cottage, or maybe the bird. I'm not sure how that will work out, though.


Old Kitty said...


You have a bird?

That's a darned good doodle - doodles!! You artist you!

And the tree thing is amazing - how do you create window clings? Sounds ever so complicated - can't wait to see the finished product!

I'm sure Rufus would approve! :-)

take care

fairyhedgehog said...

Thanks, Kitty! I'm sure Rufus does approve! This time, though, I haven't taken the backing sheet off, so he can't get his little claws into it.

There's a video of how to make a window cling here.

Bevie said...

I like the tree, but I really want to see the witch's cottage.

I agree: you're an artist.

fairyhedgehog said...

Thanks, Bevie!

Old Kitty said...

Hi again!!

I just watched how to make window clings - you can put them on vases and glass jars and tiles! It was so amazing!!

Thank you for that link - I hope you get your lovely tree done - I think you can really be as elaborate as you wish with these clings - just need a really steady hand and a lot of patience!

Take care

fairyhedgehog said...

Kitty, it's good fun and I want to make several more. We have windows in the hall that feel very exposed and its a good way of covering them up!

Anonymous said...

Great idea and what a helpful link, thank you!

I can see some of these being given as presents this year (am trying to make more rather than buy things as it saves money but costs time, therefore equals a more genuine gift).

fairyhedgehog said...

BucksWriter, presents is a good idea! Although the paint is not particularly cheap.

Ann said...

How wonderfully creative. Would love to see the witch's cottage. Looking forward to hearing and seeing more.

fairyhedgehog said...

Ann, thank you!

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