Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day Lament

This is me drawing on our car window in the snow a couple of weeks ago.

And this is what I drew:

I'm not sure if you can make it out but it's a heart with my Beloved's initial and mine. After nearly thirty years we still have fun together.

Today on the other hand is not great. I've stopped dripping nasally but my cough is disgusting and my gut hurts. Oh, and my back, and did I mention my shoulders? and... Sorry. That's enough whingeing.

Anyway, it doesn't look like Valentine's Day is going to be much of an event for us. I did exchange cards with my Beloved. Mine was home made simply because I haven't felt well enough to get out and buy one. Thank goodness for Word 2007 although my sons tell me you can do the same things with Open Office.

Being single on Valentine's Day isn't a lot of fun either. I remember when all my friends were getting Valentine's cards and I didn't. One year at University I got an anonymous picture calendar and I was never sure if it was a secret admirer or a friend having a laugh. I suspected the latter.

Is it in Finland where Valantine's Day is a celebration of friendship and not just romantic love? There's a lot to be said for that.

Happy Valentine's Day.


JaneyV said...

Oh FHH whine, whine and whine some more. I know exactly how you're feeling and it's no fun at all. I'm sending you all the healing karma I can. Let your Beloved take good care of you. He could get a take away, light a few candles and snuggle up under a duvet to watch a soppy movie. My all time fave is Sleepless in Seattle (I have an eclectic taste in movies; Sci-fi, action, romcom - the works - as long as it suits my mood). Sometimes we have to let our loved ones take care of us too.

Thirty years together is a wonderful thing to celebrate. Hubby and I will celebrate 17 years of coupledom in summer. And fun is definitely a key ingredient. I think your snowy love heart is one of the warmest things I've seen in ages.

Feel better soon Gina. Put your feet up and snuggle up warm. Happy Valentine's day to you and your Beloved!

fairyhedgehog said...

Hi Jane! Thank you for that. I love Sleepless in Seattle too and I love the idea of snuggling under a quilt.

At least I won't have to cook tonight as son's fiancée is making us stir fry. Unlike me, she is a born cook.

Hope your meal out is fun.

Robin B. said...

Hey, FH, the son's fiance born cook thing sounds good!

In this household, we've only been married ten years (this year, on St. Patrick's Day).

The Blondster, age 16, is baking her boyfriend a cake right now, and he's taking her out to dinner later.

JB and I, on the other hand, are mellow about this stuff now. We went out last night, because Friday dinners out are what we do, and we're staying in tonight.

Janey's soppy movie idea sounds fine. At our house, it will be a weird combo plan of a soppy movie and some Golf Channel. Go figure.

I like the idea of Valentines among friends, to let you know you're appreciated. So here's to you!

Bevie said...

Thirty years? That's great! Spouse and I will reach thirty years this November.

I didn't think we were doing Valentines this year. So what does Spouse do? Hands me a bag of Ghirardelli chocolates this morning before taking off for work. Milk chocolate with Vanilla Caramel. Nice.

I hope your cold mellows out so you can at least enjoy the evening. Thank goodness for other people's cooking.

Whirlochre said...

I weep.

Girly Of Whirly has gone to a ceilidh, leaving me to hold a bucket under Son of Whirl's vomiting chops.

But at least it isn't snowing any more.

McKoala said...

My worst Valentine was the year I got an anonymous card and anonymous flowers and I knew one was from an obsessive ex and the other from my stalker.

I'd rather have had nothing at all that year!

fairyhedgehog said...

Robin - mellow sounds good! We ended up watching Die Hard 4 which isn't exactly my idea of romance but I like the computer geeky parts of it even though they are nonsense. Oh, and the chirpy exchanges in the face of death. And Mel Gibson's not bad either.

Bevie - our thirtieth is in June so we only beat you to it by a few months.

Whirl - that's horrible. You don't get to wear the spangly pants and you do get to clear up sick. Life can be so unfair.

McK - you had an obsessive ex and a stalker at the same time! Eek! That's must have been a very creepy Valentine's Day.

JaneyV said...

Mel Gibson wasn't in Die hard 4 - (he was the Lethal Weapon 1-4 guy) - it was Bruce Willis. My favourite bit in that movie was when he killed the helicopter with a car. I love the Die Hard series! Yippie-ki-yay!

fairyhedgehog said...

That's what I said, Bruce Willis. Ahem.

I liked that bit too. I have a tendency to laugh at the action bits because they are so ridiculous but they are fun.

Did you have a good time last night, Jane?

JaneyV said...

It was lovely - delicious food, too much wine and great company. I'm still not up. This is my idea of a great weekend!

JaneyV said...

Are you feeling any better today?

fairyhedgehog said...

It sounds wonderful!

I'm still feeling rough. (Having ME/CFS makes viruses last longer, I think.) But it was great not having to cook last night.

JaneyV said...

Poor you - yes a former co-worker of mine had ME and his recovery was very long - but he did recover. One thing that helped him was eliminating yeast from his diet. He missed beer and bread but he said that it definitely helped. It's all about rest isn't it? And as I've found out recently - it's extremely hard to rest. It's lovely when someone else cooks isn't it? having given birth to the three fussiest eaters in the world I have to say I find cooking joyless - but I love eating. My idea of the ultimate luxury would be having a personal chef. Heaven!

Hope tomorrow is a better day! ;0)

fairyhedgehog said...

Thanks, Jane.

So far, I'm pacing myself, I don't work at all (I miss it but there's no way I'm up to it), I take every dietary supplement possible and I'm seeing a nutritionist. Next up is eliminating things from my diet to see if it helps and wheat is going to be the first one. I would miss wheat if that's what's upsetting me but I can manage without beer!

Now all I need to do is to work out how to get hold of my own personal chef. That's such a good idea.

Sarah Laurenson said...

I married my own personal chef and it's awesome. Though I must say I am a damn fine sous chef.

Hope you are feeling much better. My first look at your heart, I thought it said 'HeLp'. ;-) Sounds like you need some there. Curling up with your honey and a good movie is just pure bliss.

fairyhedgehog said...

Marrying your own chef is a brilliant idea. I married an accountant instead which does have its advantages too. For a start, he can add up.

Thanks for your good wishes. Sorry I'm being such a wimp.

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