Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Save The Words

I just stumbled on Save The Words which is an odd little website full of words that have gone out of fashion. It takes ages to load but once it has done so there are masses of words for you to click on and "adopt", which involves promising to use the word as often as possible.

In writing I tend to follow the advice of Gower's The Complete Plain Words and not use a long word where a short word will do but there are exceptions. I love "defenestrate" and "troglodyte". "Poppycock" and "codswallop" are good and I like the way "balderdash" sounds like it's going to be rude but then isn't.

On the Save The Words site I am attracted by "snollygoster", which means a shrewd, unprincipled person, especially a politician.

I don't fancy the idea of adopting a word, though. Who knows what words you will need to use next?


Whirlochre said...

This is a spectacular find and if you are not hoist aloft and carried o'erhead on a velvet cushion for the next fortnight and a half, shame on the human race for being so feeble.

Back in the days when my age was measured in inches rather than feet, I used to bribe my babysitters to let me stay up and watch Call My Bluff so I could write all my favourite words down.

Can't wait to rediscover garfangle on this site. I'm linking. This is hot.

Bevie said...

What a cool site!

Kevin Musgrove said...

an occasional sesquipedanialism is good for the soul.

SillyBoy said...

Wonderful wonderful thing! I wonder if it will let me adopt all the words...

Stacy said...

This is awesome. I'm not a fan of adopting words, either, but nothing wrong with expanding one's vocabulary, eh?

Sophie in the Moonlight said...

I have just one question to quaeritate, Where in the world do you find these cool sites?

I adopted the above word, "quaeritate". I promise to love, feed, water, and care for it to the best of my ability for as long as we both shall live.

JaneyV said...

I'm rather drawn to Antipelargy: reciprocal or mutual kindness; the love and care of children.
Although its meaning is lovely I do see why it's falling out of use - not exactly memorable, is it?

Fantastic website FHH!

fairyhedgehog said...

I'm glad you all liked it!

Whirl - Did you coin that yourself?

Bevie - Thanks!

Kevin - good for whose soul, I wonder.

SillyBoy - You can't have all the words, the rest of us might want some!

freddie - as long as your vocabulary doesn't leave the rest of the world too far behind!

Sophie - I shall be looking for "quaeritate" in your blog now. I found it by using the StumbleUpon toolbar: and look at the links on the bottom left.

Jane - Antipelargy doesn't sound a bit like kindness. It reminds me more of antipathy, or antipodean so I wonder if it might be confusing. I can't wait to see it in your blog.

Sarah Laurenson said...

Antipelargy sounds like you're against sleep or something.

Fun stuff you've got here, FHH.

fairyhedgehog said...

Hi Sarah, glad you like it.

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