Sunday, September 21, 2008

Why I didn't write this weekend

Boating at Oxford

I was at a wedding in Oxford this weekend, my fourth this year.

It was a special wedding for a special friend and I met some interesting people and learnt about the English quarter pipes which are played using a bellows rather than by blowing into them. I'd love to learn to play but I'd probably be better off learning the clarinet and I would never be much good, starting at my age.

There's no charge for dreaming though.


Whirlochre said...

On my last visit to Oxford, Antonio Carlucchi cooked up some nosh outside his restaurant. Sure beats Kerry Katona opening a new branch of Throw Your Ring Freezer Superstore in Rotherham.

fairyhedgehog said...

I admit it: I had to google Kerry Katona and Antonio Carluccio.

In my googling around I was horrified to see this:
Carluccio's admits that credit card tips are added to waiting staff's wages to help bring them up to the minimum wage which Carluccio's have to pay them anyway. If the tips don't bring them up to minimum wage then Carluccio's make up the difference. This means that the net effect of a tip on a waiter or waitress is nil.

For some time my husband and I have been tipping with cash because I had heard about this scam but I only half believed it was true.

I do see it as a scam. I know it's legal and I know we're supposed to know about it but it's not what I intend when I leave a tip.

Sorry for the derail. (I blame Google.) I bet it was fun watching Carluccio do his bit.

Whirlochre said...

It's people who charge you for using Switch cards to cover business expenses accrued thanks to being in business to make a profit out of customers using Switch cards that really get my goat.

I am unashamedly merciless with these people.

Robin B. said...

Gorgeous picture, FH. Those are the kinds of places where I just want to stand and stand and take in my surroundngs.

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